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RemoCast Variants and Models

RemoCast Variants

There are several variants of RemoCast which share the same source code on top of the SAL (System Abstraction Layer). They are listed here for reference:

  • Simulated
  • The simulator has been designed for debugging and demonstrating purposes. Users that need new and custom features may test the them in a simulated RemoCast and evaluate if the implementation meets their requirements and expectations

    Please register in here in order to create your own RemoCast simulator space

  • Embedded
  • This variant follows the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) concept and is sold as an indivisible part of other products. Depending on the final integrator it may not expose all the features
  • Distributed / Aggregated
  • Under certain circumstances, RemoCast features may run on different but interconnected appliances that collaborate together. Under this scenario, you might have a master RemoCast unit acting as a centralized control GUI that drives several slave RemoCast appliances which take care of package signature and binary pumping over the multicast network
  • Stand-Alone
  • This variant is the main commercial line. The appliance is delivered as a single piece of equipment. It includes all required hardware and software components, Set-Top Box binaries, custom commands, user applications and configuration files

RemoCast Stand-Alone Models

Desktop model

The most common form factor of a RemoCast is a desktop housing, as shown below:

In this case, RemoCast is encapsulated into a small metal box with 4 rubber legs. All connectors appear on the front panel. There is enough room available on the left side to embed one common hardware expansion module. The appliance is delivered with an external power supply unit and its lead cable.

This is very convenient for laboratories, integrators, demo rooms and as a carry-on unit.


Industrial model

Many field deployments use cabinets to fix all pieces of equipment. RemoCast ships then as a standard RETMA 19 inches 1 rack unit metal box, as shown below:

The appliance can be fix with common screws to a rack. All connectors appear on the front side. This model has an additional serial port that may be configured on request. There is enough room available to embed any kind of expansion module. Furthermore, this housing lets both a PCI modules and a serial expansion module to be installed at the same time. The power supply unit is built inside the box.

This is very convenient for hotels, hospitals, cruise ships, sex shops, etc.


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